Marni for H&M Barcelona

Tomorrow, on the 8th of March is the official launch of Marni collection for H&M spring 2012.

This time it’s gonna be tough! because in all the Spain only few stores are enabled to sell this collection! They are:

Avenida Diagonal, 579
Calle Portal de L’Àngel, 20-22
Passeig de Gràcia 9

Plaza Federico Moyúa, 4

Calle Reyes Católicos 25-27

Calle Velázquez, 36
Gran Vía, 32
Gran Vía, 37

Marbella (Málaga)
C.C. La Cañada

Palma de Mallorca
Plaza Juan Carlos I, no. 1

Calle O´Donnell, 7

Calle Colón, 34


Celebrities has already started to appreciate this interesting collaboration. I bet we will love to wear some of those looks too.


The prices wary from 20 to 150 euros, which is not of course cheap, but is waaay cheaper than what Marni usually offers, and we hope the H&M quality won’t be doubtful this time!

Who is in the run tomorrow – Good Luck! I’m afraid an hour queue on the Versace for H&M was enough for me for a while. God knows how long are our fashionistas have to wait tomorrow!

Ciao girls and happy shopping!


Kuren’s Bubble Tea & Yogurt

Oh today we have something really special for you guys!

Barcelona is full of secrets and el Born has a huge amount of them.

Walking in those little streets is very fascinating I have to say, the only thing is to at least remember the names of the big variety of stores that attract you so you try (with a help of the mighty “google-maps”) to find it again, because in a lot of cases it is very hard to find it again.

So, few days ago I bumped up in a very nice place that will be interesting for everyone.

This February is not the best time to eat frozen yogurt, but for weirdos like me it was quite fun to find Kuren’s Bubbles&Yogurt.

Situated in el Born District

Carrer de les Trompetes, 3, Barcelona,

closest metro Jaume I or Barceloneta

For those who don’t have any idea what the hell “Bubble tea” is ,

Bubble tea is the name for pearl milk tea and other similar tea and juice beverages.


I tried Bubble Tea before, it is really popular in Asian countries such as Taiwan (it’s origin), Malaysia and many others. And I was super excited to have it again!

“Bubbles” are actually chewy balls made of tapioca starch, they are the “fun” of the Bubble Tea.

In the store I had a nice discount of 50% on two Bubble Tea’s with a purchase of a frozen yogurt (I told I’m a bit a weirdo eating it in this freezing winter).

So for everyone who knows and loves frozen yogurt and Bubble tea – I suggest you visit Kuren’s, for those who yet never tried Bubble Tea- go ahead!

No really! At least to try something new and exciting!

Hope you use the secrete wisely and use it:)

Stay with us for new updates on secrets of Barcelona!



Udon Barcelona

As we all know tastes differ and we have this little thing with this place. One of us two prefers a more traditional sushi type of Japanese Restaurants, and well, me, I love all that goes to Asian cuisine. Me and my boyfriend bumped into UDON BORN, c. Princesa 23, Montcada 6 08003 Barcelona · tel. 93 310 59 69
Abierto de martes a domingo de 13 a 24 h (Open Tuesdays- Sundays 13 to 24h) There are 6 other Udons around the city:)

And We Both absolutely loved it. You see for me, when I go to any type of specific cuisine I love to see the actual residents of those countries being in those restaurants. If I made it sound to complicated, it’s basically I admire Japanese restaurants that Japanese people go to. This is the case. Each time we go there some bunch of Japanese people are enjoying their food.

So, prices, are really ok. You can have a mid-day menu just for 9,95 with 2 dishes 1 pastry and a beverage, or during the all other time prices don’t bite either. starters below 6 euros, and dishes bellow 11. They also have a good variety of teas (who would have doubted)

Udon Barcelona menuUdon barcelona menu

My personal favorites are

mixed noodle sushi plate I still can’t decide which one I like best.

Nabeyaki Udon

mmm..delicious…Barely stop myself to order it each time I go there.

From deserts everything we tried was A – mazing (like my boyfriend says) but a must try is of course a Green tea mochi and a green tea tiramisu. But if you are not to much into a Green Tea thing any other desert will more than make you happy!

So my dear Barcelona Lovers! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year Holidays. And hope you will enjoy this amazing place!

Stay Tuned!

Don’t miss book gallery at el Born!

MUTT is a bookshop and gallery that introduce the cultural renaissance of the Born district.

Find a discerning selection of books about art, architecture, music, fashion and photography on the tables and exhibitions of leading art on the walls.

MUTT gallery situated in the Born district at Comerc,15

Don’t miss to add a new book to your collection!

Barroc cafe

Fan of good Mojito?

A fancy cafe Barroc decorated by golden columns and mirrors will bring atmosphere of Barroc architecture and the best bartenders are showing their masterpieces of cocteleria in this place.

Recommended to try: a special “Barroc Mojito”, wonderful combination of mint and fresh berries, the taste is amazing!










And of course we should tell that in Barroc cafe the big variety of delicious sushi,which is as well highly recommended: Chef Maki, California Dream and much more

Usually place is crowded but it worth it!